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We Go Above & Beyond

Our Customer-Centered Process

Every step of our process was developed to ensure your complete satisfaction both with the final product, and overall customer experience. You can expect us to take the following steps on every project.

Quoting & Collaborative Engineering

Unlike other companies, we work with you to make engineering changes before quoting the project in order to avoid costly surprises down the line, and can translate many different file types. Our in-house CAD department is here to make sure your project is completed in whatever way best suits your needs, may they be cost, quality or repeatability.


We also provide reverse engineering and 2D drawing conversion services to help you get the CAD data needed for your project.

Purchase Order & Preparation

Once we have a design everyone agrees upon and we receive your PO, we’ll send you a confirmation and put your project in the schedule. Communication is the key to any successful project, so we provide computers at each of our manufacturing stations to keep everyone on track. At any time, any one of us can inform you on the status of your order.


We keep many common materials in stock and also maintain good relationships with a large pool of suppliers in order to get the materials we need quickly. Once we have your materials, we’ll cut everything to size, and if your project includes any CNC work, program our machines and set up tooling.


Sometimes our customers require physical prototypes before continuing with production to ensure the finished product matches the drawing. If not, we often do them anyway for our own assurance that the part is correct.

Fabrication & Initial Inspection

After the prototype has been approved internally and by our customer if required, we begin milling, drilling, lathing, welding, sharpening, filing, deburring, or performing whatever operations your project requires.


Depending on your needs, we’ll sometimes send parts out to a trusted vendor for procedures outside our expertise. Before we move on to finishing, we inspect the parts to make sure we’ve done everything correctly and make any necessary adjustments.

Finishing, Final Inspection & Delivery

We work with trusted vendors for sandblasting, powder coating, painting, electro polishing, anodizing, hard coat anodizing, chrome plating, electroless nickel, and black oxide.


We always perform a final inspection to check both their work and ours before sending it to you. If we notice something wrong, even something so minor that you probably wouldn’t notice, we’ll tell you about it before shipping so we can decide together whether or not it is important enough to fix or rebuild.


We guarantee all of our work because customer satisfaction is worth much more to us than the cost of a scrapped job.

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