Meticulous Mig & Tig Welding

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MIG & TIG Welding Expertise

Years of practicing MIG & TIG welding and researching new methods have taught us that the right setups and fixtures provide our customers with the best quality weldments. Our welders use advanced settings and waveforms that make more difficult welds easier, with less cleanup and part distortion.

After a lot of research and practice, we can now say that we have expertise in stainless steel construction, especially when it comes to 300 series austenitic stainless. We take into consideration the finish you’ll need and the sanitation level before we even get started, and always use the proper temperatures and shielding.


We purchase welding equipment from trusted brands like Miller and Lincoln to provide our welders with the best tools for the job. They love our large welding tables and clamps, which make it easy for them to line parts up and get into position for welding tight angles.


We work with many different materials on a regular basis. Following is a list of those most commonly used, but we can source others if needed. 

  • Low Carbon Steel –  1020, 1018, A36, 12L14
  • Stainless Steels – 304, 316
  • Aluminum – 6061, 3003, 6063, MIC-6, APT5


We offer several in-house finishing services, and for anything else, we’ve built great relationships over the years with the best contractors in West Michigan.  Our fabricated parts can be finished using:

  • Glass Bead
  • Passivation of Stainless Steel (ASTM A380)
  • Powder Coating
  • Wet Paint
  • Electro Polishing


We use advanced setups and fixtures along with the latest MIG & TIG welding techniques to ensure impeccable quality and delivery, and always double check our work before we send it out. Learn more about our process.

Meticulous Mig Welding | Envision Machine offers both mig & tig welding
Envision Machine Mig & Tig Welding Equipment
Tig Welding at Envision Machine | Envision provides both mig & tig welding services
Envision Machine has expertise in both mig & tig welding services

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