Automation Equipment, MIC-6 Cast Aluminum, PS95 CNC Mill, 2 setups, low volume, anodized finish

17 Nov MIC-6 Cast Aluminum Plate

Using our PS95 CNC Mill, this cast aluminum plate was machined in two setups and anodized with a shiny metallic finish. It was a low volume part for the Automation Equipment industry....

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Automation Equipment, 6061 Aluminum, PS95 CNC Mill, 2 setups, low volume, anodized for color coding

17 Nov Color Coded Base Plates

An Automation Equipment customer had us make these low volume base plates out of 6061 Aluminum. Each required 2 setups on our PS95 CNC Mill. The customer requested an anodized finish in bright colors to match the color coding on their manufacturing floor....

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Automation Equipment for glass handling, Automotive, Micarta Grade CE, Okuma CNC Lathe, single setup, high volume

17 Nov Tiny Micarta Part for Glass Handling

This little part was made out of a composite material called Micarta so it could be used in Automation Equipment without scratching up the glass it would be handling. We manufactured high volumes of the part using a single setup on our Okuma CNC Lathe....

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Pharmaceutical, 316 Stainless, Okuma Lathe, 1 setup using live tooling, high volume

17 Nov Small Thin-Walled Part

This minuscule tubular part was manufactured in large volumes for the Pharmaceutical industry on our Okuma Lathe out of 316 Stainless Steel. Live tooling allowed each part to be made in 1 setup....

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Food Industry, Alcoa Bronz 954, PS95 CNC Mill, High speed machining, carbide tooling, 2 setups, low volume

17 Nov Small Bronze Part for Food Industry

A customer in the Food Industry requested these tiny parts in low volumes. Made from Alcoa Bronze 954 on our PS95 CNC Mill, this part was made using carbide tooling in 2 setups....

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Aerospace, Automation Equipment, 4140 PH, Hurco VMI 20, Machined in three setups using micro carbide tooling, low volume

16 Nov Tiny Part for Aerospace Manufacturing

This part was machined in 3 steps using micro carbide tooling on our Hurco VMI 20 out of 4140 PH. It was a low volume part machined for use in an Aerospace manufacturing process....

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Automation Equipment & Automotive, 661 Aluminum, Okuma CNC Lathe, All done in one setup utilizing live tooling, mid-volume

16 Nov Aluminum Ring

We utilized live tooling on our Okuma CNC Lathe to turn this part out of aluminum with only one setup. Our customer ordered the part in moderate quantities for use on an automotive manufacturing line....

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24 Sep Robotic Welding Station

This large weldment will be used on a manufacturing plant floor as a robotic welding station. It will be integrated with venting systems for air quality, and required precise alignment to get all the angles just right....

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